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So here we are , I got my hands on the cheap as chips micro SD card . 32GB for the massive price of $6Aus + 79cents shipping . Now I will straight up say I had some issue with this card right off the bat . The first time I inserted the card it worked fine , but the second and subsequent times , the card failed to read . I had to re-boot my computer , and then the card worked ok . So rather than pulling the card I did a full format ( slow ) to try and fix any issues before the card corrupted and became un usable .

I also decided to check the read and write speeds before anything else , cheap cards can be problematic and you know you have a bad one when it wont format .

So transferring a 660MB video file to the card from a SSD drive , the write speed was 7.67MB's or 660MB in 1 minute 26 seconds . Read speed was 13.2MB's or 660MB in 50 seconds . For comparison I have a Kingston 16GB Class 10 card . Write speed was 9.56MB's or 660MB in 1 minute 9 seconds . Read speed was 15MB's or 660MB in 44 seconds .

For such a cheap card the performance is acceptable , though not class 10 it would certainly qualify as class 6 . And as long as the card does not corrupt and become un usable ( which cheap cards do often enough ) this may or may not be a decent buy . The slow or full format seems to have fixed the card for now , but only time will tell . It's certainly fast enough to watch Super HD video from my car dash camera , and its pretty much dirt cheap . I will leave it up to the reader if they wish to pursue this product . Just remember it was flaky before the format .



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