RC Helicopters 
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For Review :
QR Series UFO Sponsored by Tiny Deal

For review I have a QR series UFO quadcopter ( Product Link ) .

First Impression :

I was really impressed with the quality of the quad , it seems to be a very sturdy and intelligently designed . The transmitter is of a traditional RC design ( Which is good ) with the throttle / rudder on the left stick and takes some 6x AA batteries in the back of the transmitter . Now the only real negative thing I have is that the AA battery carrier is poorly designed and can make fitting all 6 batteries a little tight , its nothing that cant be overcome with a little force , but it is surely a no brainer to make a AA battery carrier ? I cant see adults having issue with it , but children .

The battery is fixed to the Quad , and I haven't attempted to remove it as it looks to be a permanent fixture . Charging takes place via a USB cable and it takes about an hour to charge the battery . Flight time is just over 6 minutes , and let me say that this is one very stable easy to fly Quad . In fact I think it would be just about perfect for anyone contemplating entering the RC helicopter hobby as their first RC Copter . Being stable and easy to fly would make it perfect for first timers to orientate themselves to the RC transmitter and Copter flight characteristics . I think this is where most people get into trouble , because they are not familiar with the controls or RC copter behavior .
And it does take some time to make controlling quads / helicopters more instinctive than reactive .

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The transmitter does have a USB charge port , but I was in no way tempted to use it . I dont want to drain the Tx batteries .

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Now it does look like the body will come off without too much trouble , so I will do part two where I remove the body and see what happens . 


Flying the Quad:

I was amazed at just how stable and easy to fly the QR series UFO was , it needed a few clicks on the trim tabs and after that it was so easy to fly . This quad is Noob friendly , I love the shielded propellers . I have flipped it , banged it and bumped it and dropped it from about 2 meters height with no damage what so ever . Just flip it back the right way up and keep going till the battery gives up , and just a FYI there is little to no warning when the battery gives up ( hence the 2 meter drops ) .

 Now for experienced Quad pilots or heli pilots , this may not be the most exciting Quad out there , in fact it just might be most lazy quad out there ( read stable ) . To make this Quad hot dog you need to push the sticks ( Tx ) almost to full lock , and that's not really conducive to good control say in a living room as once you make it move , there is no extra stick movement to counter any violent maneuvers .

What you have here is a Quad that would make an excellent learning tool for those wishing to enter the hobby . Also due to its size and stability , it does not handle wind too well in confined spaces ( gets pushed around a lot ) , so I would recommend staying indoors until you find yourself pushing the confines of your indoor space .

Last Word:

A affordable , tough , easy to fly quad that looks to take a lot of punishment ( mine has ) . The interesting thing is it looks like the body comes off , so I will do a part two to this review where I remove the body and see if that improves the handling and flight time ( just over 6 min ATM ) . I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tiny Deal for the opportunity to review the QR series UFO ( Thank you ) .

Come back for part two :