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For examination  - 450 Pro Swash Plate from GoGo.RC Ebay

  The black swash plate is from gogo.rc  , and the blue one is a regular V2 swash plate from a Trex 450 ..
For $6 shipped to my door , the swash plate from gogo.rc is really well made , I could not detect any excessive play .
Now the swash plate is a pro version , so the ball joints are a little wider than on a V2 swash plate , now that's good , as it offers smoother cyclic control and more precision over smaller movements .  I have examined it closely and have found no issue , and looks to be a very good swash plate .

 I will be putting this swash plate on a 450 heli ASAP to flight test it :  So this post will be updated .. 

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I test flew the swash plate from gogo.rc and it behaved just fantastic . Everything went as expected , much smoother , and more precise smaller movements  .
If your looking to upgrade or replace , this swash is definitely worth a look . I'm very happy with my purchase , and I'm just so glad I got two of these ..
$6 a pop , money well spent .  

 A quick word , none of the ball connectors were thread locked on the swash plate ,  you really want to thread lock all the ball connectors , or you may have issue further down the track , so just remember - Thread lock the ball connectors on the swash plate!  Another point worth mentioning , because of the larger size of the swash plate , make sure your heli configuration can handle it , the heli I chose , I needed to replace the anti rotation bracket , otherwise the elevator control rod [ cyclic ] would have jammed against the original anti rotation bracket . 

  When spinning up the heli , there was no detectable oscillation from the swash plate , it ran true to the eye , it was very nice . After the test flight I removed the swash plate and examined it , there was no apparent wear or damage and no slop [ excessive play ] detected .