RC Helicopters 

For review - Tarot Digital Pitch Gauge

When I saw this I thought , what an excellent idea . If you need to know your pitch angles ?  you might want one of these tools in your collection .
Photobucket   Has a power switch , hold switch and a zero switch , all very nice , though I dare say , this tool will most likely need setting up before you can trust it .  
Photobucket  Well , it certainly seems to work , in fact you can flip the pitch gauge over to the other way and the digital read out will do a 180deg flip . Really handy if you like doing it a certain way .
Photobucket   Now What I did not like was the fact , that while the rotor blades were pretty much stationary , flipping the pitch gauge over resulted in quite a variance in the read out .. 
Photobucket   Could be a  reasons for the variance , for one the blade grips on the pitch gauge may not be 100% spot on , as well the meter itself does not sit level on the blade grip mount . So a fair bit of room for a bit of DIY calibration .  Once calibrated , this is sure to be an invaluable tool , as is , it gives you a fair idea of pitch .

  The concept is sound , its very easy to get a readout of your blade pitch angles , and fortunately , how much you can trust it without calibrating it first ...

 When I say calibrate , I mean verify 0 pitch .. If the tool wont give you a reliable 0 pitch , it cant be trusted [ Within reason ] to give you a true pitch readout .