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For review - Keychain Camera

 Size: 5 x 3 x 1 cm
 Smallest Pin-hole Camera made especially for use
 Latest version 4 in 1 function: video record, sound record, camera.
 External Memory: Support 1~8GB TF card ( not include memory for this item ).
 Internal Memory: No
 High definition video with voice lets
 Color Video and Audio Recording
 Image Format 720 x 480 High Resolution
 Camera Format 1280 x 1024 pixels
 Playback video on your PC
 Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed
 Easy to use "One Touch" record button
 USB Plug & Play Compatible
 Built-in rechargeable high-capacity Lithium polymer
 Battery Up Time: Approx. 2 Hours
 Real time record any video and audio evidence instantaneously
 Support system: Windows98SE/ME/2000XP/Vista/LINUX2.4 above and automatically distinguish    operating system.

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First , plug the camera into the USB port with the supplied USB cable , and let it charge , you will know its charging as the little light flashes , and goes solid when it is fully charged . Now how to use the camera !
This is relatively easy , look a the picture nearest , and on the left front are two buttons , the rear most is the on and off button . Hold the button till the light flashes [ little hole at the right front ] , its the same procedure to turn the camera on and off . Now to take video , hold the front button down until the light flashes , same again to stop video . To take a picture , you don't hold the button down , you press and release and it should take a picture . Now I tried it and the picture quality indoors was poor to say the least . This really is more for outdoors or well lit conditions .
    The first video is hand held :  and I'm sure I did not pan as quickly as the video shows , I tried to be as slow and deliberate as I could be ,  
   This video has the keychain camera onboard one of my 450 helicopters .  And it really looks to suffer for it . I'm thinking the recording speed may be a little slow with a standard Mini SD card , so I have ordered a Class 10 SD card , which is as fast as it gets [ recording speed ] .

 Now the color is a little out , but that's ok , 2 minutes of video = 157MB , so even a 2GB SD card should offer plenty of recording for such a small device .

  Now this is a cheap [ I paid $6.38 shipped ] little video camera , and its not going to give superb video , but for
so little money , and the fact that it works , can be stuck on a RC vehicle of almost any sort , your bike , your   car  , almost anywhere in fact . Its simply a fantastic little toy , and I call it a toy because its not top of the line [  mini cameras ] , but its a hell of a toy . And I really look forward to trying it with a Class 10 micro SD card to see if the recording quality can be increased , because I really like this camera , and hope to use it for some aerial photography in the future .

 The camera is recharged VIA USB , and extracting video is as easy as plugging the camera to the USB port , then entering as if a external drive to the folder containing the footage . It really is plug and play , no need to turn the camera on , just plug it into the USB .  My only complaint is regarding the instructions , very very tiny print . If you have aging eyes , you may find it a little hard to read without a magnifying glass .