RC Helicopters 
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For examination  - Turnigy 9XR Transmitter

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    Ok - Right away there are some glaring things I don't really like . First of all is the lack of a 9XR module , second is using 3rd party modules with the 9XR as there is literally no protection for the module if the case were to topple over , and there is a very slight inherent tendency for the case to fall backwards [ in other words its very easy for the case to fall backwards ] . Falling forwards is more difficult as the case actually resists such to a fair extent , the same should have been for falling backwards , which the case does easily .  Which leads us to the problem of damaging the module or the aerial coming from the module if the case were to topple over . I would really like to see Hobby King or Turnigy offer a base for the 9XR , a stand if you will , to protect the module in case of a topple over , and to allow a much steadier base to stand up with , something plastic , that snaps in place , a sort of exo skeleton .
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  Now the other thing I don't like very much , the battery plug .  Why did it need to be there ? Could it have been designed or placed in a worse position ? I don't know that they could have !  It is a nice tight spot and whether it gives problems down the track , I don't know ?  What I do know , is I don't like it . I can think of 3 spots or ways of doing it that would have been so much better .

 I haven't used the 9XR yet , I do have 2 six channel receivers , and each will be for a 450 helicopter ..
Main reason I got this Tx was to try out different firmware , maybe see if I could do some programing [ mod the firmware ] , as well as bind to some micro helicopters so I don't have to use limited Transmitters [ Simple - non programmable ] .