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Flysky / Turnigy 9x Battery Mod

Ever since buying the Flysky and Turnigy 9x transmitters , I have really hatted the battery connector .

  photo IMGP1190_zps6rgavtdh.jpg

What I don't like is (a) The plug is hard to get to depending on the plug used (b) depending on the plug used it may protrude into the battery compartment blocking the battery .

(b) is the most aggravating ( plug blocking battery compartment ) as it restricts the batteries you can use .

So with my back aching ( as it does these days ) , I was wondering how to fix the PIMA 9x Tx ...

And here is what I came up with . So many Tx batteries have several plugs attached , one being the 3 pin JR - Futaba style plug . I just happen to have some servo extensions so decided to cut the extension in half and use the female plug and solder into my 9x Tx .  This way I could have the plug come in from the side and not block the battery compartment . Simply strip the signal wire from the extension so that you have a 2 wire plug . ( Brown and red wires remaining )

I'm not going to tell you guys how to solder , if you don't know how , you should not attempt this ..

Open up the Tx case :

  photo IMGP1191_zpsupxos52l.jpg


You need to remove this connection :

  photo IMGP1193_zpsvaz2vmd2.jpg


I then mark for correct re insertion :

  photo IMGP1194_zpsysmg02jy.jpg


Now the battery connector is on the back of the case :

  photo IMGP1195_zpsduvqpunz.jpg


With the back of the case facing you ( guts ) remember that the connections will be back to front , in this case negative is FAR right and positive is in the middle :

  photo IMGP1196_zpsrcmvpcxb.jpg


Now comes the tricky bit , soldering in the new plug and not shorting anything :

  photo IMGP1197_zpspfqfj59o.jpg


Note the holes in the battery compartment , this is where I feed the new plug through . After soldering and checking for a good connection I hot glue the leads to stop them from moving and stressing the solder join ( as well protecting the solder join ) :

  photo IMGP1198_zpskpmd5icc.jpg


And there you have it , a new plug that does not block the battery compartment , and if you chose you can still use the factory plug !

Now you have a greater choice of what battery to use in your 9x Tx . I have grown not to like the LIFE 9.9v batteries , and will pop in a regular 3s LIPO ASAP .