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Xtar L4 Charger & LED AA batteries 6 Sept 23

Vosteed Grind 154CM  29 Aug 23

NKD Forester 100 80crV2 project 26 Aug 23

Ikiv D2 Carbon   9 Aug 23

Taggedout Clone test   9 Aug 23

Chinese SAK put to the test   1 Aug 23

TwoSun TS267 Ti Carbon Frame Lock  21 June 23

No Name multifunction knife  10 June 23

Dual Grit Sharpening  22 March 23

Mateminco S03 Quad XPG3 Small form factor  6 March 23

ColdSteel Master Hunter 3V  1 May 23

Bushmaster Bushcraft Explorer   24 April 23

Lumintop D2 21700 Pocket Rocket @ BLF & RCG 14 April 23

Brother 1516 VG10 Slip Joint  6 April 23

Lumintop PK25 2xAA Thrower at BLF & RCG  5 April 23

Gerber Mansfield D2 folder  29 March 23

Ganzo 6804 folder

Spyderco SPY27 Mule  25 March 23

G96 Model 800 from way back   17 Mar 23

Mora Garberg @ the rope

USA StrongArm VS Chinese StrongArm  12 March 23

Sixleaf SL-07 Slip Joint  4 Mar 23

Spyderco Mule in SPY27  24 Feb 23

SixLeaf SL11 D2 Front Fliper  24 Feb 23

Mateminco MT35Mini SFS80 Thrower Flashlight review  17 Feb 23

Victorinox   14 Feb 23

RR Camper VS Boker Camper  8 Feb 23

Ruike 801 14c28n  6 FEB 23

Old4570.com was renewed .

Rough Ryder VG10 Mini Trapper  31 Jan 23

Ontario Wraith Folder

Mtech Evelotion   21 Jan 23

Mora Pro S VS Pro C  17 Jan 23

Ganzo 806 test

Microdata 32GB Micro SD card test  3 Jan 23




*Merry Christmas*

Testing 3 Micro SD cards from Aliexpress  15 Dec 2022

Brisa Hiker 95   05 Dec 22

SixLeaf SL-14 D2  30 Nov 22

3D Printed ferro rod mount for my Kydex Sheath  16 Nov 22

Mystery Knife - I roll the dice   10 Nov 2022

Only 5 more for 2022   6 Nov 2022

Making the Finn Wolf more Bushcrafty 30 Oct 2022

BPS SAVAGE  20 Oct 22

Cold Steel Finn Hawk  20 Oct 22

Brisa Elver D2 Blade  7 Oct 2022

TwoSun TS 392 D2  22 Sep 2022

Outdoorlife Knife  15 Sep 2022

Cold Steel Finn Wolf  5 Sep 2022

Cold Steel Bushman   4 Sep 2022

Lumintop EDC15 1xAA  29 August 2022

Opinel VS Opinel  28 Aug 2022

Mora 2000 cuts rope 13 August 2022

Wuben G2 Keychain Light + BLF + RCG  9 August 2022

Columbia SA35 Fixed Blade 7 August 2022

Brisa 95 trapper in ELMAX   30 July 2022

Rough Rider RR1869 fixed blade  02 July 2022

Kingston 512GB micro SD card tested   02 July 2022

Some 80 grit tests

60 Grit testing Round Two

Ganzo FH922  19 June 2022

FreeTiger FT-31  4 June 2022

Edge Angle Testing  26 May 2022

Tsubosan Hardness Tester Files

Columbia SA71 Sheath Knife

60 Grit Testing

Guided Knife Sharpener  9 April 2022

TwoSun TS321

Kizer Domin Mini review / test  3 April 2022

FreeTiger FT2103 D2 review  16 March 2022

Rough Rider Classic Carbon

Sitivien ST-102 D2

TacForce Tacti cool knife

Elk Ridge 10.5 Bushcraft  14 Feb 2022

TwoSun TS277  9 Feb 2022

Ganzo FB765 440c  6 Feb 2022

Small Knife - Swordfish D2  5 Feb 2022

SRM 9201  29 Jan 2022

SMKE Front Flipper Knife  26 Jan 2022

TwoSun TS246 Slip Joint Review 15 Jan 2022

Survivor HK 781S sheath knife 12 Jan 2022

Enlan EL-02 Test  8 Jan 2022



Dec 31 2014
Wow getting pop-up's bad ! , might have to source a new host , especially as this host advertised it was add free , oh well .

4 Way antenna test completed today , visit the ham radio page for the link .
Testing the Xtar VC2 charger ATM . 

2015 will have to do a complete redesign .  The HDD failure on part of the host did hurt .

QR Series UFO ( quad copter ) review is up , here

3rd September 2014
If your into ham radio there are some new posts , a comparison of Baofengs video, as well as a AA battery pack mod for the GT-3 so you can run it on AA batteries ( Nimh would serve you best ) , just click on Ham up top .

There will be a quad copter review posted shortly , its small inexpensive and really good for Noobs .

MAXTOCH SN6X-2X SHOOTER review posted

Maxtoch sent me their 2x SHOOTER , if you think it sounds a lot like a thrower , you'd be right . Review will be posted in a few days , but to wet your appetite , check out this link .

I downloaded Battlefield 3 as it was free , but you know what . Even though it was free , it just wasn't worth it .

Im doing a give away @ pentaxforums , if your into macro photography , prize is a macro flash rig , check it out here

I got my Enlan Bee EL-08 at last , review here .

I review two Enlan Bee folding knives , the LO1 and the EL-06 , here .

Sunwayman Dolphin C15A ( AA - 14500 ) flashlight review. ( Sponsored by Tmart )

Tmart sent me a flashlight to review, and I have to say I am smitten. A review will be posted in a few days and so far I'm simply loving this little light.

Xtar MCO charger Review - here

XTAR MCO charger arrived today - Here - review to follow shortly .

World Of Tanks - My perspective on this free to play game - Here

XTAR WK41 Sirius AA review over @ budgetlightforums

Review of the Smallsun  ZY-T07 ,
here , I would like to thank Tmart for the opertunity to test this light .

Tmart sent me a SmallSun ZY-T07 light for review , some pictures here , review soon .

Enecell AA test , are these the worst AA batteries on planet Earth ? 

Nitecore 16340 Li-ion test , here

The 16340 came today , was in a blister pack ! Does it meet safety requirements ? or did it simply slip through ?

Seems HK and China post have serious back logs , so if you thought they could be slow before ... Usually mail gets screened coming into a country , HK  and China are screening outgoing mail to stop Li-ion batteries getting out ! 

I ordered a 16340 in a vacuum sealed package , hmmm , with the new ( implemented ) safety regulations , I await to see if it gets through .

You might want to hold of buying Li-ion for a while ( HK - China ) till they work outs what's allowed and what's not ( Li-ion ban ) VIA airmail . 

Lithium-ion break through ,
A research team from the University of Wollongong

Wow back to school for me and hopefully for the last time , doing a Cert 4 in training and assessment to round things off .

Old-Lumens @ BLF has a scratch build flashlight contest going ... check it out here if you like flashlights . Some seriously interesting and inovative ideas being brought to life , certainly worth watching .

Dongrui DR-923 ( 1 x 18650 ) XM-L thrower review . Sponsored by Aura Buy

Ultrafire SG-7010 ( 2 x 18650 , XM-L ) review here . Sponsored by Banggood.com

Nitecore TM26 QuadRay review @ BLF

Niteye MSC10 review @ BLF

BLF edition Thrunite Saber group buy

BattEnergy 18650 3400mAh test @ BLF

10400 LifePO4 battery test @ BLF

New Xtar charger @ BLF

Macro Photography , wow , can be cheap to get into , $6 cheap , here @ PentaxForums

Efest 16340 test @ BLF

Uni-T UT61E digital multimeter review @ BLF

Nitecore P25 Smilodon ( XM-L - 18650 ) review @ CPF

Zebralight SC52 ( XM-L AA-14500 ) @ CPF

OSTS R5 review @ BLF

4 way Convoy S2-S3 mini-review @ BLF

Efest 18650 3400mAh review @ BLF

Fasttech 5-mode 1xAA driver and Romisen RC-G2 mod on BLF

Niteye MSC20 review @ CPF

JETBeam DDA10 review @ CPF

Fenix TK75 review @ BLF

Nitecore P25 smilodon review @ CPF

ArmyTek Predator G2 and Predator X double review @ CPF

Fenix HL30 review @ CPF

ThruNite Archer 1A review @ BLF

Counterfeit crack down , youtube video , see your flashlight related product there ? 

BLF edition A8 - 1x26650 - XM-L review @ where else BLF

Shadow JM26 XM-L Thrower review @ BLF

Fenix 18650 battery test @ BLF

I picked up a old Digital SLR today , been playing , taking 100's of pictures , learning the new camera
and trying out all my old manual lenses from my 35mm Days . Hopefully better quality pictures in the future .

Archon M30A 3xAA XP-G R5 flashlight review @ BLF

EagleTac 18650 3400mAh battery test @ BLF

old4570 is a flashaholic give away @ BLF , you dont have much time .

Crelant 7G9 [ 3x18650 XML ] review @ BLF

JonnyMac Reviews the Black Shadow Terminator @ BLF

Omnipotent Power PR-838 AA - AAA 4 channel charger review @ BLF

Balder HD-1 review @ BLF

Balder TD-0 review @ BLF

Im slowly evaluating and building a HK450 heli kit @ RC Groups

scaru does an Emitter comparison - a very worth while read @ BLF

Battle of the NIZN - Turnigy VS PowerGenix @ BLF

  Merry Christmas every one !

The search has begun for a true 3000mAh AA battery @ BLF

Ultrafire UF-T1 AAA / 10440? 2 mode Tiny EDC @ BLF

Nitecore 18650 [2600mAh] test @ BLF , took a while but looks like a decent battery , I will update with some performance figures after the battery recharges .

Ok , it's not a flashlight , in fact its a PC remote , what a great idea  , now I want one !

Now I was thinking about Li-ion chargers - and here is what I would like to see :  I would love to see a Voltage read out for each charge channel [ 2 channel charger , and as near as possible the actual battery voltage ] , as well as a sellection of charge rates - 200mAh for those small Li-ion cells 10440 etc , 500mAh , and 1A charge rate . Now it would be supper nice if each channel could be set seperately [ current ] .

dchomak has done a really nice Mag Mod @ BLF for very little money , def worth a read .

Xtar 3400mAh 18650 test @ BLF

BTU Shocker ( 3 x XM-L | 3 x 18650 )  review @ BLF

Accupower IQ-328 AA-AAA Charger review @ CPF , this looks like a nice charger

Nitecore Intellicharger i2 , wow , not much noise about this one

Streamlight Knucklehead Spot review over @ CPF

Saik SA-125 2xAA review @ BLF

Had some spare time , so I have taken a close look at the AP .15 R/C YellowJacket Engine , its a mystery .  01-12-12

Who knows?  the Black Shadow knows , check out the black shadow here

JetBeam RRT01 review @ RDL , good way to polish up on some Spanish

Enerpower 14500 battery review by HKJ @ BLF

Lighten7 Elite S1A review @ FN

Sky Ray 9 x T6 emitters , thats a lot of XM-L emitters - read the review a BLF

Check out the new EA4 from Nitecore , 4xAA and XM-L - 8 different brightness modes .

Wow ! , time to get back to my  No1 hobby - flashlights .   I have been so busy for the last month , I just dont know how to relax ?  Keep thinking there is something I need to do  ( like going to school ) , but no !  , so if your a manufacturer of flashlight related goods , consider having a product reviewed , dont keep it a secret , give old4570 something to do . 


Crelant 7G5CS  XM-L  2x18650  at  CPF

Clarus RS16 review at CPF

Nitecore SENS series lights reviewed at CPF

Rofis TR31C review over at CPF

SMALLSUN ZY-T27 XM-L T6 5-MODE – ZOOMING FLASHLIGHT   @ BLF ,   review was kindly made possible by       Lights Castle . com   27-11-2012  

School is over , yes no more !   Cert 4 in 2011 , and a Advanced Diploma course in 2012 , and Im done like a dinner .

Small Sun YZ-T08 review @ BLF sponsored by Manafont

Not long to go till the end of school , got the Small Sun ZY-T08 today from 
 to review , so hopefully post that ASAP .

Efest 18650 3100 + Blazar 3100 batteries tested @ 

Finally got around to doing a page for the Li-ion battery warning , you can read it here

Wow , 3/4 of the way through an advanced diploam [ yay school holidays - bummer lots of home work ] yeah , if I have been a little tardy posting , its cos ive been supper busy with school and its only going to get worse , till its over . But I did take the time to post a review on my 2012 Solarforce L2M , damn sweet host . 

Balder HD-1 XM-L 3 mode  @ BLF...   Sweet !    Visit the product page here  and check it out , its a very nice light .

BLF member E1320 Modified UF2100 , review by Foy here

Might want to visit the Nitecore web site and check out the new EDC series of flashlights , the SENS 
Reviews , here , here and here .

How to dismantle the Nitecore D10 , video on YouTube

Balder HD-1 has arrived , thread is here on BLF   5-July-2012  and CPF

Solarforce V3 18650 Battery test is underway , results here  on BLF

Apex 5T6 ( 5x XM-L - 4x 18650 ) review @ BLF

Solarforce has a new 18650 battery ( the V3 ) , post on BLF , review to follow !

Fenix 18650 ARB-L2 2600mAh battery test @ BLF

UR14500P 840mAh battery test @ BLF

Balder BD-4 review @ BLF

Got really crazy there in June , school holidays at last [ yeee-ha ] , ordered a pair of the new Solarforce 18650 Battery [ review soon I hope ] and Balder has a new light , oooh dare I , its AA , and called the HD-1 . Sorry , thats all the info I have ATM , but looks seriously trick , a very nice looking AA host I have to say .  When I have more details .
XP-G R5 , 2 mode , AA + 14500 , looks to be very interesting .

Sorry guys , been just a little busy with school , 3 major projects still due before next week and a test , then its the end of the semester and I can almost relax , until the 2nd half of the year  begins !

MarsFire T6-A review @ BLF

Bronte RA02 review @ BLF

Balder BD4 review @ BLF

Palight 18650 Battery test @ BLF

DQG 111 AAA review @ BLF

Shadow TC6 new version @ BLF

ThruNite TN11S review @ BLF

Balder SE-2 review @ BLF - CPF this is the updated one with better regulation - review was made possible by BALDER

Xtar is giving away some lights , check the thread @ BLF

Prometheus Lights Alpha  Series XM-18B (XM-L 1x18650) @ BLF

Cyclone C88 XM-L review @ BLF , 3xAA - 1x18650 - 1x26650

NiteEye EYE25  3x18650 or 2x18650 @ BLF

ThruNite TN31 XM-L  3x18650 @ BLF

Balder SE2 is here at last , review posted @ BLF , FLN and CPF

I test the Panasonic 3100 with protection circuit @

Foy  reviews the X-Power Wildfire (1x18650 - XM-L) flashlight @

Tank007 E09 - 3mode AAA twisty review @

Prairie Fire T6-D7 (1x18650 XM-L 5 mode) review @

Testing those Ebay 3000mAh AA batteries @

Foy looks at the new Solarforce P1 @

I ordered a Balder SE-2 , looks very interesting , and its budget priced . Be interesting to see if it lives up the the claims made by Balder . IOD has them for $35 , so very much in line with budget models price wise .

Lighten7 Max L2A XM-L 2x18650 review @

Budget Balder ? take a look at the
SE-2 , 18650 , XM-L and apparently fully regulated and all for what is going to be under $40 , might have to save my penies .

Im testing the MarsFire 18650 battery built on the Sanyo 2600 @ BLF CPF these were kindly provided by Manafont for testing .

KD XM-L T6 4 Mode 2*18650 (TK35 Clone) review by old4570

Wiseled Tactical & Handheld
review , these are funky lights and worth a read

Klarus XT-11 XM-L U2 (1x18650 - 2x16340)
review .

Fenix LD12 review .

Lighten7 Max L2A XM-L 2x18650 review @

Budget Balder ? take a look at the
SE-2 , 18650 , XM-L and apparently fully regulated and all for what is going to be under $40 , might have to save my penies .

Im testing the MarsFire 18650 battery built on the Sanyo 2600 @ BLF CPF these were kindly provided by Manafont for testing .

KD XM-L T6 4 Mode 2*18650 (TK35 Clone) review by old4570

Uni-T UT61E Digital Multimeter review @ BLF

Xin TD C8 - XM-L flashlight review @ BLF

A really nice clean 3 x XM-L Maglite mod @ BLF

I have stuff on the way to review , just need to wait for it , a big thank you to DX , still waiting on an order placed in 2011 , now thats customer service

Wiseled Tactical & Handheld review , these are funky lights and worth a read

Klarus XT-11 XM-L U2 (1x18650 - 2x16340)
review .

Fenix LD12 review .

Jetbeam PC10, PC20, PA20 review .

Olight S80 (26650) review , looks like 18650 may be a thing of the past and may be replaced by 26650 especially as the 26650 is almost becomming mainstream .

Tiablo A9
review (XR-E @ XM-L)

EDC+ P60 drop in
review .

Sunwayman M11R - XM-L U2 (16340) review .

Skyray King 3xXM-L (4x18650) @ BLF , wowsa !

Crelant V9-T6 review @

Flashlight Foy reviews the Shadow JM07 Pro @ BLF , now thats an interesting flashlight

Flashlight Foy reviews the XinTD L2 @
BLF and looks like he really likes it

Mini Maglite pro review @ BLF

Thrunite TN10 and TN11 XM-L review @ BLF

Klarus MiX6 1xAAA @ BLF , CPF

Solarforce Gladiator - For security ? or the front door ? @ BLF , night stick -flashlight

 Niteye EYE30 3 x XM-L review @

Dry Cool white 3 x XM-L 4 mode @ BLF

Setting up a P60 as a weapons light @ BLF

Tiablo E2A review @ CPF

 Thrunite Ti review @ CPF

 Xeno G10v2 XM-L review @ BLF  by turboBB

Fenix TK21 XM-L review @
BLF  by turboBB

 FoxFury Rook Checkmate XM-L x 18650 review @
BLF  by turboBB

 Sunwayman T40CS review @ BLF  by turboBB

 Trunite pre-production 3 x XM-L @ BLF

Klarus XT20 review @ BLF , interesting light , buy it is large .

My first experiance with a fixed pitch
Electric RC Helicopter , to say its challemging , wow , toys have come a long way since I was young enough not to apreciate them fully .

 Xtar 3100mAh capacity battery test @ BLF

 E1320 modified Ultrafire MCU-C88 - 5 mode - XM-L @ BLF

Xtar S1 3 x XM-L - 3 x 18650  review @ CPF and CPF

 harry25175 shows us the NITEYE EYE30 @ BLF

 Why I like the XM-L very short essay

 Ultrafire C3 review sponsored by Flashlight Heaven @ BLF and Flashlight News

 DIY driver swap guide , its really not that hard , this one was on a P60 pill .

 Xtar S1 3 x XM-L U2 review @ BLF

 FandyFire 14500 Li-ion batteries roasted @ BLF

  XM-L P60 drop in from DD , review @ BLF

 LumaPower MRV XM-L 5 mode 1 x 18650 @ BLF

 Turnigy AA and DEK AA test @ BLF
 Stuff continues to arrive in the post , Lumapower MRV XM-L , some PowerGenix Nizn AA , FandyFire 14500 batteries , and Im currently testing some AA Nimh batteries , so hopefully some reviews posted in the very near future .

 I tested some AAA batteries from DinoDirect @ BLF

 Lumintop S40 review @ CPF

 Fenix EDC Pack review @ CPF

  coolperl reviews the Niwalker XM-L Thrower @ BLF
 Taking a look at the Nitecore TM11 @ BLF

 Xtar WK-21 review @ BLF

 Xtar WK-26 review @ BLF

  Sky Ray 818 Tripple XM-L review @ BLF by Flashlight Foy

 Maxtoch SN6X-2 XM-L [2x18650] Thrower review @ BLF

 Navy K-628 Lock back knife review @ BLF

 Well , didn't I go nuts over the Christmas break , discovered just how nice Electric Helicopters can be , its been a very long time since I flew RC or even Control Line . Found some real nice' n cheap RTF's , so had to buy . Keep an eye out , they should arrive in a week or two , and if you have ever felt the need , for $36 you can give it a go [ Thats Ready To Fly and $36 shipped ] , wow , and I thought flashlights had evolved in the last 2 years . [ Im talking single blade here - not the coaxial stuff ]

 Xtar B01 review over at BLF

 Solarforce Clip mod by ( The Last Katun ) @ BLF

 Nitecore EX11.2 review over @ BLF very nice review by okwchin

 HID45 reviews the Fandyfire XG-V5 @ BLF , an interesting 18650 EDC

 A look at the Trustfire X6 @

 Solarforce has released the Stainless L2T , you can check out the body here , at $64.99 for the host , one can hope the price comes down . 

 KlowD9x reviews the YEZL T9 Flood to throw @ BLF

 sixty545 takes a look at the new 7135 KD drivers @ BLF

 Well its done , putting in the emitter and driver was the easy part , so at last my Skyline 2 is XM-L , you  can cheack it out @ BLF or CPF

 Skillhunt has a new flashlight series to be released , they posted on CPF and have a page on there site with no images as yet , here. Hopefully  something interesting will be available for flashaholics .

  Nitecore TM11 , part of the Monster series , review on YouTube here

  What a PITA , I've started to mod my Solarforce Skyline 2 , and will hopefully be done some time tomorrow , this is not a mod light for the weak at heart .

 Sunwayman V60C @
CPF  , deff worth a read .. 

 UnknownVT Taking a look at 4 Sevens Preon 2 @

 Sunwayman M40A @ CPF

 Spark ST6 460NW headlight review @ BLF

 You can win Prizes  at BLF , its 100% free , the thread is here  you have until the 13th to enter and the draw will be on the 14th , Melbourne Australia Time . Update: There are more prizes up for grabs now thanks to the generocity of Manafont .

 Just in case anyone is wondering , BLF seems to be 403 ATM  6pm Melbourne time  update: BLF is back 00.06am  

 ThruNite TN11 review @ CPF

 Balder BD-1P XM-L review @ BLF

 Fenix TK70 review @ CPF

Why test leads are so important , I put so much on the back burner this year doing the Cert 4 in IT , I should have made these up a
long time ago , but check it out in anyway .


   APEX GT01 Gas Tin review , small 16340 EDC

  Lets get those creative juices flowing , first a very detailed Mag mod to tripple XM-L , and a thread possibly worth watching , a hybrid flashlight searchlight .

  Skillhunt Defier X3 video review

  Uniquefire X8 XP-G R5 review @ Forolinternas   you may wish to use a browser like Chrome with a language translator, as its in Spanish .

  A really interesting SSC P4 mod Tutorial for the MagLed @

 Hmm , I was looking at this Surefire press release and then I checked there product page and I'm not sure that things match well , the G2X Tactical and Pro were suposed to retail @ $55 & $65 , but the product page sais $95 for both models . The 6PX Tactical and Pro were going to be $69 & $79 apparently , but the product page sais both are $115 . Im not sure who is putting out the press release ? did the prices ever match those in the press release ?  

  Klarus XT20 review @ Flashlight News

  Sunwayman T40CS review @ CPF

 Jetbeam PA40 XM-L 4xAA - Budegetlightforum

  Jetbeam PC25 review @ light-reviews

  Olight i3 EOS review @ laymanslights

  Klarus NT10 Review on YouTube - here

Jetbeam ST Cycler XM-L review @ Flashlight News