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Solarforce Z2
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Solarforce Z2 1.5volt 4 mode
Head on over to solarforce-sales to check out the specs ( HERE )

With Solarforce bringing out a 4 mode single AA battery ( 1.5volt ) flashlight, well I just had to have one. As with all Solarforce lights the Z2 is very well made, and I have nothing to fault in regards to its build quality, and I have to give the Z2 10 out of 10 in this regard. You would be hard pressed to find fault with this light.

 The beam itself is very nice for such a small light, and I love the color ( Cool white ), and there are no green or purple or blue hues in the beam, just nice and white ( if thats important to you ). The light is a forward clicky, and always starts in high mode. But I do like the light levels and how they are spaced out, very useful.

Lets get to the performance :

 photo Screen Shot 08-08-15 at 10.57 AM_zpseofioszs.jpg

With a freshly charged Nimh I got 117 Lumen ( 1.43volt ) , and with Alkaline's 113L to 122L on high . This is very close or near enough to factory claims . As always Dry batteries are a little disappointing, but the current draw is much lower, so if you don't need that much output, they can certainly be used.

Excellent fit and finish
Does not tail stand well
Clip is ok
Excellent beam profile and color
Forward clicky ( very reliable and glitch free )
4 Modes ( no blinky stuff )
Throws well for a small light
Priced very low for such a quality product
No buyers remorse