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World Of Tanks ( my perspective )

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Its Christmas holidays and I had some time to try out a few free to play games , WOT or World Of Tanks is one I was able to tolerate longer than the other FTP ( Free To Play ) games I tried . WOT is free to download and play online , its not a huge download and is quick to get up and running . If you have read enough then let me say here and now its a great little time waster .

The graphics are really nice , and the game is very easy to understand and play . How ever , it must be noted that I feel ( my opinion ) that the game is geared towards getting money out of players , so while it is free , the more you get into the game then the more frustrating it becomes . 

Essentially you have lightly armoured tanks at your disposal , as you play you earn points which go towards upgrades as well  climbing the ranks to higher levels . Unfortunately ( for me ) , the higher you go the more frustrating the game becomes . As you still have a light tank and every medium to heavy tank will have you for breakfast .  There is nothing more frustrating than shooting and hitting a opposing tank to be told ( by the in game voice ) that you hit bounced off or failed to penetrate .  In fact it simply gets worse as you move further up the ranking and I feel this is to help you loosen the grip on your credit card . Because by paying ($) you can move through the point system much faster , depending on how much $ you want to spend .

 I find myself just turning the game off when it becomes frustrating  even though I'm ready to earn a T34 , but its a long slow grind ( FTP ) and my current tank does not last very long at all, and is next to useless against medium or heavy tanks ( hence the frustration ) . Well , I'm close to removing the game from my computer as the initial enjoyment I had early on has vanished and has been replaced by severe frustration .

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I have several issues with some of the in game BS as well . For some strange reason , as soon as an enemy gets within a close distance of me my turret slows down by about 50% , so I simply can not track a enemy tank at close range and by the time my turret gets on target the enemy as fired several times and taken my tank out ( I hate this so much ) . Why does it traverse at one speed when no enemy is close and then slow down when a enemy closes on me ?  Is it a bug , or by design ?  Either way  It drives me crazy ( that frustration ) . The other thing is , tanks appearing and disappearing . ???? WTF is going on . 

Bottom line , I'm close to deleting the game from my computer because it simply is no longer enjoyable , but rather an exercise in frustration , which it is my opinion that , its done this way to get people to pay to play a free game .

Its certainly worth a download , its a great little time waster , and if you don't mind paying to play for free , you might really like it . Was really fun in the beginning , but now that I have gotten into the game , moved up in the ranking , upgraded tanks a few times , the game is really getting on my nerves , the cure could be $$ , but I'm not going down that road . I will try to hang in there for that T34 , but I'm not sure I'm going to make it , I have the feeling that the delete function is calling out to me . 

Excellent Graphics
Easy to play
Initially a lot of fun
As you progress through the game it simply becomes more frustrating
It is a free to play game , but I feel its designed to extract $$ from players
Could be a great game if you don't mind paying to play a free game
Getting new tanks gets much harder as you move along , to the point where earning points becomes very hard
Light Tanks - Next to useless as you get more into the game .
Getting that half decent medium tank , its going to take a while .
I don't care much for the mixing of  generations of tanks ( mixing 1930's tanks with 60's and 70's tanks )
A 30's tanks is no match for a 60's or 70's tank , should be greater generational control .