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Ultrafire SG-7010 review sponsored by BANGGOOD.com

Ultrafire SG-7010 product page

 photo IMGP0077_zpsed77c6f7.jpg

As can be seen , the SG-7010 is a very modular design - Its good that there are O-rings where needed.

 photo IMGP0083_zps8dc269af.jpg

Threads - knurling - anodizing - all very well done .

 photo IMGP0093_zps554e4cd7.jpg

Aluminum reflector - well centered emitter - nice tail clicky .

 photo IMGP0096_zps059de22e.jpg  

 photo IMGP0126_zps62b7ea00.jpg

 photo IMGP0109_zpsccb394b1.jpg

 photo IMGP0118_zps76c423b5.jpg

 photo IMGP0123_zps3b374f79.jpg

Specifications: ( from Banggood )

Ultrafire SG-7010 CREE XML T6
Model: SG-7010
Luminous Flux: 1600LM
Lamp Life: 100000 Hours
Powered by: 2 x 18650 Battery (Not included)
Materal of Product: Durable Aluminum
Reflector: Smooth Aluminum Reflector
Modes:  5 (Hi > Medium > Low > Strobe > SOS)
Product Size: 5.5cm (Head diameter) x 22 cm (length)
Materal of Product:  Aerospace Grade Aluminum Body with Anti Scratching Type III Hard Anodization

Carrying Strap: Yes
Light Color: White
Weight: 260g
Body Color: gray

Price @ time of review = $23.69 USD

First Look :

Its been a while since I got a Ultrafire flashlight , and I was very pleased to see just how nice the build quality was on this one , there were no disappointments of any kind . The light fits together tight as a drum , and the tail switch looks to be very nice . Quite possibly the best tail clicky I have seen on a Ultrafire so far , very solid and mechanical with no mushiness or flickering , impressive .   The lanyard is also much better than the ones offered just a few short years ago , and I dare say Ultrafire looks to have lifted its game ( well , they have been making flashlights for quite some time now ) and looks like the company is maturing quite nicely . 2 x 18650 , sometimes flashlights can be a little battery challenged ( wont accept longer batteries ) , and this is not the case here , I used some longer protected 18650's and they fit just fine ( longer + thicker ) . So fitting batteries should not be an issue .  

Performance :

Now the SG-7010 does not lack power , I did measure some 800L in my light box on high , which is very impressive when you take current draw into consideration , making this a very sane - useful - and user friendly light .

  Mode   Current    Lumens (Light Box)  Throw @ 1 Meter
 High     0.94 A     800 L     33200 Lux 
 Medium    0.5 A    415 L     17800 Lux 
 Low     0.15 A     100 L      4900 Lux 

I'm very pleased with the performance , output is about right on the money for high , current draw is very sane , and the throw is impressive . Your run of the mill XM-L might throw between 15000 Lux to 25000 Lux on high , the Ultrafire does a very nice 33200 Lux , and on medium its still doing 400L and pushing over 17000 Lux ( throw ) all for 0.5 Amp ( that is really nice ) . Even low impresses with 100L and some 4900 Lux all for a paltry 0.15 Amp . 

Last Word :

For the asking price ( at time of review )  of $23.69 , the Ultrafire offers a lot of performance and value , and there is literally nothing to complain about when it comes to build quality . It is really well built , everything is nicely done , anodizing , cut threads , I mean everything . The only criticism I could make is regarding the driver and the lack of mode memory . When you turn of the light , it starts in the next mode , mode memory would have put the icing on this cake . 

 For $23.69 USD , I'm amazed you can buy so much flashlight for so little money , anyone remember 3 or so years ago ? , wow !  Ultrafire has come a long way , and by this sample ,  more than worthy of your hard earned .

Beam Shots :

 photo aHigh_zps311437a5.jpg

 photo bMedium_zpse64b652f.jpg

 photo clow_zpsd8f5d75e.jpg

Now while the beam shot for high looks really great , the camera does see things a little differently to the naked eye .. And speaking of the naked eye the medium beamshot is much more like what the eye sees in high mode .

 This review was kindly sponsored by Banggood.com 
Banggood is well known in the RC community , for affordable RC helicopters and gear , and to date I  have purchased some 2 helicopters from them , last one being a Walkera Super CP combo about a month ago ( took two weeks to arrive - which is not to long for free postage ) . So while banggood may be relatively unknown to the flashlight community , they are well known and respected in the RC community .