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Left to right : Tank007 E09 , N-light , Thrunite Ti , SS ITP , Maratac


Now you might get the idea that I like AAA flash lights , and you would be correct . What I don't like is garbage AAA lights , and there are certainly enough of those out there and I have owned my share . I was in the market ( to spend money ) for another AAA light , and I was looking at the MK3 Maratac . In the above picture the Maratac is on the far right ( MK1 ) , and is my first quality AAA light . Surfing the posts on Budgetlight forum I came across some one looking for advice on a AAA light . I noticed the individual was interested in the Thrunite Ti and it looked so much like the Maratac I followed the link . To cut a long story short , what I saw I liked enough to buy .

Thrunite Ti review :

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 Impressions :

The Thrunite Ti certainly impresses with the feeling of quality as well as actual output on high . Low is so low as to leave the user wanting something between low and medium , 4 modes rather than 3 with hidden strobe . As with the other AAA the Ti pretty much vanishes into the pocket and goes unnoticed till it is required . Now the only thing worth mentioning was that the threads were a little dry . After cleaning and lubing the twisty action is nice and smooth . The light starts in LOW mode and then goes into MEDIUM and then HIGH , and it has about 10 seconds or so of mode memory . If you take about 2 seconds to turn the light back on again , it will remain in what ever mode you left . So between 2 to 10 seconds for mode memory .

 I threw in a Alkaline AAA battery just to see how good high was and I must say I was impressed . For a AAA light it really pumps a lot of light on high . Medium is also very useful , but I found low to be just a little to low . With all the ambient light given off in a city like Melbourne , I found low to be just not enough . If Thrunite did away with the strobe , and made low the hidden mode ( Moon Mode ) and set the light up with a slightly higher low mode . Well I can think of a whole bunch of configurations . Medium - High with low mode the hidden mode . Or setting the light up to be more like 10-50-Max Lumens and ultra low as the hidden mode . ( Yeah I have never found a need for strobe - not yet in anyways )

Performance :

 I was really impressed by the performance on a Alkaline battery , this little light really pumps .

Low = 1L ( thats all I could measure in my light box , a single Lumen .
Medium = 14L

High :

Dry Cell = 90Lumen
Alkaline = 150 to 170 Lumen depending on battery
Nimh = 190Lumen

Low is so low my MM wont measure the current draw . medium = 0.07A and on high I measured 1.12A .. Remember this is what I was able to measure ..

 Overall I would rate the Thrunite Ti an excellent little light , and I am very happy to include it in my small AAA collection . I would love to see a 4 mode version with no strobe .. 1 - 10 - 40 - Max Lumens with 1Lumen as the hidden mode ( perhaps )