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Nitecore 16340 review

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With the recent ban on Li-ion batteries , I thought I would order one to see what would happen . I didn't want to order just any battery , but rather something that could be used , was of decent quality , and had reasonable capacity . Also the packaging was important , which is why I ordered the Nitecore 16340 as it came in a blister pack . I figured if a 16340 was to get through the blockade , a 16340 in a blister pack probably stood the best chance to do so ..

On receiving the battery , I checked the voltage and it was 3.79v , which is about spot on for long term storage of a battery. I then charged the battery and it came off the charger at 4.17v and after 24 hours rest the voltage had sagged to 4.11v . This was not very impressive I must say , in fact its a very bad sign of internal resistance . I charged the battery again and it ended up at 4.18v ,  I then discharged the battery at 0.5A ( 500mAh ) and got 499mAh capacity to the 3v cut off  (charger).  Recharging the battery it reached 4.2v off the charger but sagged to 4.15v after several hours of rest ..  Discharging again at 0.5A I got some 497mAh capacity discharged to 3v .  Charging again terminated at 4.2v and after several hours rest the voltage was 4.16v . Discharging a 3rd time resulted in some 507mAh capacity discharged to 3v .

Compared to the generic 16340 tested in the past , the mAh capacity is acceptable , though falls short of what was advertised , but then I don't know under what conditions Nitecore Tested and Concluded capacity ?  Now this battery does have some what high internal resistance noted by the rather large voltage drop after charging .  Suffice to say , the more the voltage drops after charging , the greater the batteries internal resistance .