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For review I have the MAXTOCH SN6X - 2X  SHOOTER
If your interested in buying one , go here .
The MAXTOCH website is being redesigned ATM , hopefully back soon !

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Quite a while back I got the opportunity to get my hands on the OEM SN6X   ( original review ) and I was seriously impressed by the power of this flashlight as well the build quality. I am glad to report that nothing has changed and if anything the SN6X has only improved .

Manufacturer Posted Specifications:

Item Type: Flashlight
Lumen: 1300
Charger: Rechargeable
Brand Name: MAXTOCH
Body Material: Aluminum
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Zoom: No
Wattage: 10
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Certification: CE
Waterproof: Yes
Lighting Distance: 500 meters
Support Dimmer: 2-4 files
Function: Shock Resistant
Body Color: Black
Flashlight Type: hunting
Model Number: 2X
Model of LED Beads: XM-L2 U2
Max output: 1300LM
Modes: Max-Mid-Min / One-twist Strobe
Size: L 252 mm (9.92'') *D 68 mm (2.67'')
Reflector: Smooth Reflector for focused beam
Waterproof: IPX7
Battery: 2PC 18650 Li-ion battery
Lighting Period (h): 1.5
Features: XM-L2 U2 LED, AR Lens, Copper LED Base
Warranty: 1 year

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 As with the original SN6X the light is built in 4 major parts ( the body tube looks to be 2 parts from looking inside and seeing a join line ) and from the design of the head , mods or future upgrades ( emitter ) should be relatively easy .

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were not worthy
Now I have to admit to being really impressed . The build quality is simply excellent , I love the 3 modes with strobe being a hidden mode . The light starts on high , then medium and low with strobe being available if you twist the head ( loosen it ) . The clicky is the forward variety , so a half press turns the light on ( momentary ) and allows you to chose the mode .

This light is a thrower , and if the original impressed then this latest version is going to blow you away .  The original SN6X gave the following results : ( Throw )

High - 51000Lux @ 1M [ Wowsa !! ] Looks like it will be a real nice thrower ... Medium - 21000Lux Low - 5400Lux 

Now back then ( 12/29/2011 ) 51000 Lux from a XM-L was rather impressive , so are you ready for what the new model can do ?

88000Lux @ 1meter on high ( 2.2A or 16watts )
21500Lux @ 1 meter on medium ( 1.1A )
8400Lux @ 1 meter on low ( 0.4A )

Results are from freshly charged batteries ,

That is an increase of 37000Lux for the new SN6X - 2X from the original model .

SN6X-2X - 88000Lux @ 1 meter - 4400Lux @ 5 meters - 700Lux @ 10 meters
SN6X - 51000Lux @ 1 meter - 1900Lux @ 5 meters ( old one )
Trustfire X9 - 30000Lux @ 1 meter - 700Lux @ 5 meters
SmallSun ZY T08 - 45000Lux @ 1 meter - 700Lux @ 5 meters

My Light Box just cant take the large head on the SN6X - 2X , and a fair bit of light was blocked , so these readings are seriously conservative . ( Lumens )

High = 970Lumen , Medium = 400Lumen , Low = 160Lumen .

There was a fair amount of blockage , so the Manufacturers claim of 1300Lumen Max output could be very close to actual capability especially if utilizing high performance batteries ( I'm using average batteries ) . I don't have any matching High Performance batteries so taking into account that I'm using matching Average performing batteries , well , it means the SN6X - 2X is one serious flashlight , and it leaves the possibility of even a higher performance capability . 

Last Word :

Really good build quality , seriously good ( Nothing to complain about )
3 Modes = High , Med , Low , in that order with no mode memory
Strobe is a hidden mode = Twist head to activate
Forward Clicky = Very nice , solid and mechanical - Not mushy at all .
Modes are well spaced out ( would love to see a 4 mode = No strobe , with a Moon mode - 0.1A to 0.05A there abouts )
Very nice Lanyard ( Quality product )
Spare Orings and Tail clicky
Came in a small nylon case ( like in a shaving kit = protects your SN6X - 2X when not used )
Thrower = Wowsa ! its that and more .
PWM = Med and Low , a little on the slow side . 
O rings = Very nice fit
Threads = Well Cut

 I have nothing negative to say , I had zero issues with this light . It works , it delivers fantastic performance , build quality is very high , and I cant say enough good things about the SN6X - 2X . The original SN6X over the last few years has been a solid performer with no issues what so ever , and I see no reason this new version wont be just as good .
I have to give the SN6X - 2X 10 out of 10

Beam Shots :

ASAP :  Its raining , its pouring , the H2O content is too high ATM and I don't want to take expensive cameras out in the rain .

 photo DSC_0003_zpsfb342e57.jpg

Its as cloudy as it can be , its been really wet , and there was a break in the weather .
Photo was taken with my Nikon D3200 and I must say it was a little disappointing , the camera just could not deal with the dark ( would not focus ) .  The light really throws , and the picture just does not do it justice . ( To much reflected light from the city lights )
Those poles are about 25 meters apart , and they are all well lit up .

 Just wish I could have got a better picture , but with all the ambient light and the clouds reflecting the light back to earth and the camera not wanting to focus it really wasn't on the cards .

Check out the throw results ( Lux ) and you will see this light is a serious thrower .  I think I'm going to wait for better weather and try another beamshot with a different camera .  

I would like to thank MAXTOCH for the opportunity to review the SN6X - 2X SHOOTER .