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Enecell  AA Test

 photo IMGP3908_zps607b6f95.jpg

I do enjoy testing batteries and whether the battery performs or not is less relevant than putting information out there . Now right up front let me say that it would be a good idea to possibly avoid this battery like the proverbial bubonic plague . It's my humble opinion this battery is rubbish . But lets continue :

 photo ScreenShot001_zps7e6383c3.jpg

 photo ScreenShot002_zps885bb8c7.jpg

As soon as the batteries arrived I put them in the charger , I charged them at 200mAh as the batteries were built so light , I mean they were feather light , how they could be nimh batteries I don't know , as they felt like almost empty tubes ..

 Anyhow , discharging the first time around @ 200mAh , the first battery returned 118mAh capacity , and the second battery returned 125mAh .

2nd Time around I discharged @ 100mAh to try and extract every last mAh I could , also its as low as the charger will discharge a battery :

Battery No1 returned 151mAh capacity @ 100mAh discharge
Battery No2 returned 243mAh capacity @ 100mAh discharge

Now nimh batteries are usually tested @ 500mAh discharge , and it was pointless with the Enecell as neither battery could support such a discharge level .

I can only conclude that I'm actually paying the Chinese to dispose of their rubbish for them :  Seriously its best to just let the Chinese fill their own land fills with these rubbish batteries ( such is my opinion ) .

Now in no way was I expecting 3000mAh capacity , I purchased the batteries to see how badly they fail , what surprised me was that the Enecell fails completely , these are possibly the worst AA batteries that money can buy .