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Enlan Bee EL-08 $27 Shipped from Ebay .

It was time for another Bee , and the EL-08 caught my eye . I think Enlan ATM might be one of the better companies to buy knives from , and I'm sure that Schrade feels the same way , check out their version here . I believe it a safe bet that Enlan is producing the knife for Schrade .

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Now the EL-08 came with a really nice belt pouch , looks like woven nylon and the quality certainly looks to be there . The EL-08 is by no means a small knife , maybe not even a pocket knife and at 21.8cm long the belt pouch is a really good idea .

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Over the last few years ( last decade ) frame locks have gained a lot of popularity , and to be honest this is my first .

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I am really impressed by the El-08 ( as I am by all my Enlan knives ) , the build quality is superb for this price point . There is no slop of any kind between the frame and blade , it is bank vault tight . The blade is relatively easy to thumb open , and close single handed . The knife feels relatively comfortable in the hand and there is no tendency to slip in use , making for a confidence boosting feel in the hand .

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Palm tree leaves can be a little tough to cut through if you don't have a sharp knife , and after a little work with my steel ( chromed security bolt from a window lock ) I had the blade sharp enough to remove hair from my arm . This knife is a cutter , I went for a medium power cut on the palm leaf expecting quite a jolt to the hand , and nothing . Honestly I didn't feel anything , the knife just sliced through like there was nothing there .  Its not the sharpest knife I have , so maybe its the blade design and the bevel of the cutting edge . Other knives I have that are sharper ( much sharper ) you feel the impact when chopping into a palm leaf stem like this and some times that impact is enough to hurt ( but enough of this ) .

Final word :

$27 is more $$ than I'm used to paying for budget knives and I don't think I over paid in the slightest . The knife is just so well made , how the 9cr13mov steel stands up compared to 9cr18mov is still to bee seen . For those in the USA the Schrade ( has 9cr18mov ) might be a better buy as I have seen it for $25 ( there about ) with free shipping .  ( Belt pouch ? ) 

This knife is certainly a worth while addition to my growing Enlan Bee collection (4) , and for anyone wanting a larger folder that can handle more work , here is another knife to look at .   I give it about 8 out of 10 ..

Excellent build quality
Tight Action
Solid feel in the hand
Strong frame lock
Nice belt clip
Due to design , prolonged use or heavy use may result in a sore hand .