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  Specifications from Aura Buy product page : HERE

Model: DR-923
Emitter Brand: Cree
LED Type: XM-L
Color: White
Number of Emitters: 1
Voltage Input: 3.0~4.2V
Battery Configuration: 1 x 18650 (not included)
Circuitry: Digital regulated 1500mA
Brightness: 600LM
Runtime: 1 hour
Number of Modes: 5
Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Lo > Fast Strobe > SOS
Mode Memory: No
Switch Type: Reverse clicky
Switch Location: Tailcap
Lens: Coated Glass Lens
Reflector: Aluminum Smooth/SMO
Strap Included: Yes
Clip Included: No
Accessories/Spare parts: -
Others Features: Beam range: 100m, Rainproof
Dimensions: 6.02 in x 2.17 in x 2.17 in (15.3 cm x 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm)
Weight: 77.83 oz (222 g)

  For review I have the Dongui DR-923 ( branded Ultrafire ) single 18650 XM-L flashlight from Aura Buy. Now right off the bat let me tell you this is a serious thrower , 44000 Lux @ 1 meter on high makes this a serious bit of kit for anyone who like a flashlight with some reach . And reach it does , I took the light for a walk past a local park , and it literally lit up the other side of the park . If not for the ambient city lighting , it would have been seriously impressive . I have many lights that can make it to the other side , but the DR-923 did so with authority . 

 On receiving the light I was impressed by the build quality on the body as well as tail switch , the clicky is very nice and mechanical and I have not seen any fluctuation in output ( decent clicky quality ) . The emitter pill seems to be very nicely made , and looks to allow moding or emitter upgrades with little issue . In fact the entire light is very modular making it very mod friendly , and not parts that I can see are glued .

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 photo IMGP8764_zps436e0c65.jpg

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 Priced @ $24.89USD at time of review , this light offers a lot of value for your money and simple upgrade possibilities for the future , sort of future proofing the light .  The light is of very sturdy construction which seems to help with the thermal dissipation from the emitter , I say this as the light at no stage got more than warm ( ok its winter here ATM ) at any stage , and all that aluminum around the head ( cooling fins ) actually look to be doing their job .  Now its not all sugar and spice , just one little thing , the driver . It just happens to be one that has no mode memory , so starts in the next mode after being turned off .

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Now I did mention this light can throw didn't I , and I was pleasantly surprised as to just how well it threw . Even in medium mode this light throws nuts compared to other lights out there , and it really does run with the big dogs so to speak . Now whether you believe my light box or not , this light does pump some what , around 750+ Lumen on high , around 380 on medium and 100 on low . On high there was some output sag , and the 750 is where it seems to stabilize and hold .

High = 44000Lux @ 2.6A
Medium = 24000Lux @ 1.2A
Low = 6400Lux @ 0.33A

Now if you were around 5 or so years ago , people used to brag about 6400Lux of throw , I kid you not . 24000Lux was serious bragging rights and if you touted 44000Lux , well , people may have wondered what you were smoking !  Today you can buy serious throwers for $25 or less , and compared to a few years ago , if you didn't shell out $100 then you were not trying hard enough to own a light that had bragging rights . How things change , now you can buy serious power for the price of a take out meal , and not only that , but quality has taken a serious leap forward in the budget sector of flashlights, offering prospective owners more value than ever before .  And so it is with the DR-923 , aside from the driver ( no mode memory ) , I have nothing to complain about ( how disappointing is that ) . 


Low mode

 photo IMGP6244_zpsfb238e88.jpg

Medium mode

 photo IMGP6245_zps58acc14d.jpg

High mode

 photo IMGP6247_zps23c5b466.jpg

The digital SLR tells it all , at this short distance the flashlight is almost blindingly bright in high mode , and if you look at the image of Low mode you can see large XM-L hotspot , don't be fooled , it throws and throws hard and still has useful spill . The XM-L thrower to me , is the best flashlight one can own for a all rounder , it throws and has useful spill that makes XM-L a very desirable product . I don't think I have given a second thought to any other emitter since the XM-L became available . And the DR-923 from Aura Buy is a perfect example of how a XM-L flashlight is capable of performing . 

I give this one a solid 9 out of 10 , as I had to deduct one point for the driver used in the light . Another 50c spent on a driver with mode memory = oh yeah !     Bottom line , 44000Lux on high , it throws hard , really hard . 

Aluminum reflector ( smooth )
Glass Lens
O rings at joins
very tight body ( no slop , not even battery slop )
Very nice positive clicky ( reverse )
Solid construction
5 Modes - High - Medium - Low - Strobe - SOS ( no mode memory )
Nice anodizing ( color ? )
Nicely cut threads
Very nice lanyard included
Powerful thrower
9 out of 10

I would like to thank Aura Buy for the opportunity to review the DR-923 , and I am happy to recommend this flashlight for anyone looking for a decent thrower in a portable ( 1 x 18650 ) package .  ( surprisingly good light )