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Battlefield 3

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Battlefield 3 For Free ...

The graphics are excellent and that's about it ! Everything else I have to say is pretty much negative . BF3 crashes a lot , for me in anyway , I really hate it when the entire screen shakes like crazy . I know they are trying to replicate explosions but they have gone to far . My bullets don't do any damage , this is a serious pet hate for me . Why the Free-Willy do I need a half magazine to get a kill ? and the enemy only needs one or two rounds ? Same goes when I'm in a Tank or anything else , my weapons lack power , WTF is up with that ? 

 I also get the feeling a lot of people are cheating , Aimbots and wall hax . Why does it feel like that . Well because even when I get the drop on some one , they can still kill me before I kill them . Also some people run around like they know exactly where every one is ( wall hax ) .

 Honestly this game frustrated me more than it entertained me , and I can not really see any redeeming feature in this game at all . My only recommendation is to either avoid it like you would the Black Death in the dark ages , or CHEAT ! I personally feel that the only way to enjoy this game , is to cheat . Get yourself a decent aimbot and wall hax and go nuts . For some one like me who detests cheats , I'm just going to delete this game from my computer . Its just not worth it , not even for free . 

I would rate BF3 , one out of ten .. The one being for the graphics , the rest just bites too hard . 
I know its free , but so is diphtheria !