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Two Bee Knife Review 

 photo IMGP3795_zpsc39b0b2a.jpg
After getting my first Enlan Bee ( LO1 - 8Cr13MoV ) I was very impressed with what you got for under $20. And I have been keeping an eye out for some more ever since. Recently I got the opportunity to buy the EL-06 and LO2 models and I did not hesitate.

Enlan Bee LO2

 photo IMGP3778_zpscab66682.jpg
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The LO2 is some 175mm long when open and 103mm closed, has 8Cr13MoV blade steel, is a liner lock, and has a pocket clip. The knife I got is as tight as a bank vault door, the blade was shaving sharp out of the box, and I was quite easily able to bring the edge back with a steel rod I use for sharpening. The blade is tight, there is no play what so ever, and the blade locks open really tight. I was simply blown away by the quality of this budget knife.

Cutting test: 
I had a cardboard box that needed cutting up for disposal, and corrugated cardboard can be really tough on a knife. Most of my cheaper 440 stainless knives go dull in a real hurry cutting cardboard, 4 or 5 large cuts and the edge is gone. The LO2 started to tear the cardboard after cutting some 40 strips out of the box, this is a lot better than your generic 440. 

Sharpening test:
I used my favorite bit of steel rod to bring the edge back to shaving hair of my arm, it only took a few minutes. There was how ever a decent bur on the edge and it took a little effort to remove it. A bur often occurs and essentially is a false edge, and requires removal if you want a edge that will last for longer than a few cuts.

Bottom line:
Its a very tight solid built knife, 8Cr13MoV steel is better than your average 440, and for the price is a great knife to own that will put the average 440 to shame. I paid $12.99USD shipped for this knife off Ebay, making it insanely good value. 

Enlan Bee EL-06

 photo IMGP3765_zps3338d05f.jpg

 photo IMGP3767_zps8fe9ed56.jpg

 photo IMGP3794_zps35b1a0c0.jpg

The EL-06 is a larger knife again, I would call it a folding camp knife rather than a pocket knife. I wanted the EL-06 as it has 9Cr18MoV blade steel, which is said to be harder wearing than 8Cr13MoV steel. And I can tell you here and now that it is true, 9Cr18MoV is very hard wearing compared to 8Cr13MoV.  Again the knife is bank vault tight, there is no play to speak of, and the factory edge was shaving sharp. 210mm long open and 120mm closed makes this a large pocket knife or small to medium folding camp knife. 

Cutting test:
I used the EL-06 to cut up the rest of the cardboard box, the knife never began to tear the cardboard, it easily surpassed the LO2 and just kept going till there was nothing left to cut up, WoW. I think I have found a Chinese blade steel that really impresses, 9Cr18MoV.

Sharpening test:
A few minutes with my steel rod had the edge back to shaving sharp, there was a slight bur but it was removed very easily, in fact much easier than on the LO2.

Bottom line:
After cutting all the cardboard, my hand hurt like heck because of the placement of the clip. The clip is as near as I can tell in the worst place possible, and really dug hard into my hand. Aside from the placement of the clip, this knife seriously impresses, for $18USD shipped, it is serious value. I have quite a few NAME brand knives that would not be able to compete for edge holding. Two thumbs up for the EL-06, one thumb down for the clip placement ( one can remove the clip and maybe put the knife in a belt pouch ).

Stone washed 9Cr18MoV blade
Tight lock up with no play
Blade has no play to speak of
Excellent edge holding
Clip is poorly placed for hard work
I would call this a small to medium folding camp knife rather than a pocket knife