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   Worst Dashcam Ever (?)




 photo Screen Shot 10-02-15 at 03.53 PM_zps2qvhy6vy.jpg


 photo Screen Shot 10-02-15 at 03.55 PM 001_zps9odulixg.jpg


 photo Screen Shot 10-02-15 at 03.55 PM_zpsfxqa5n6c.jpg

I was on Ebay and saw this cam , I have never seen it before and thought - How bad can it be ( ? ) . Lets cut to the chase , we have a champion here ! Literally a contender for the worst dash camera ever .  This cam could very well be the biggest pile of fly infested refuse ever created . ( Cam vise )
Carefully check the specifications given by the seller , then compare to what Moo) video info has to say .

 photo Moo-result_zpslu8bwdpk.jpg

Lets have a look what came in the bag ( That's right - no box ) .

 Now lets have a look at the video , ok , hold onto your chair .  Its really awful .

 If your looking for a recommendation ? I would say Run - Run fast , to your nearest Takeaway restaurant and buy a take away meal instead ( Money better spent )



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