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  Mini 0826


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I don't know why , but I just had to rush in and buy a Mini 0826 as soon as one was available at a reasonable price . So I must say I am rather pleased with everything about this cam except the fact that it is some what out of focus . And this is such a bush-league mistake or error for a manufacturer to make , or allow a cam that is out of focus out the door . ( Yeah my bad luck )




I like the redesigned mount , much sturdier and tighter than the Mini 0805 I had . Also so far it looks like the only thing to complain about is the out of focus lens on the camera , as well there is the PAL VS NTSC issue , but everything else seem to be working fine ( I will update if anything goes cactus ) . I also don't like the tiny , miniscule , freaking small text in the menu . Yes I know its a small cam , but it could be just a whisker larger ( font size ) .


Time for some video samples , here is a static Audio comparison and Full HD 1920x1080 video




I did mention video quality right , well a serious issue is what happens between the PAL and NTSC settings ( two setting you have to record in ) . Now in other cams I never noticed that there might be a variance , but apparently there can be ( previously I set my cams to PAL since I live in Oz )  So here is a sample that compares PAL and NTSC ..




NTSC was on top and PAL on the bottom . And you may have noticed a severe drop in video quality in the PAL video

Next lets check out the wide screen setting , 2560x1080  .




Sorry about the audio , but it was a warm day and all my windows were open .


Next video is my Ausdom A261 VS the Mini 0826




And here is the night time comparison






Conclusion ...


I am relatively pleased with the 0826 , there are two very unfortunate issues with my sample . The PAL vs NTSC , recording in PAL results in seriously degraded video quality , is this a firmware issue ? And then there is the out of focus lens . The mini series has been plagued by issues for a very long time . And one has to wonder why ?


I can not recommend the 0826 to anyone , as there are better cams in this price range . And with the faults in mine , I would be recommending a faulty product .

Perhaps wait and see , or spin the lottery wheel , or better still chose a proven product .  ( your choice )