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Ausdom A261 2K UHD 1296


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Video setting on cam = 1080FHD @ 45FPS


Video setting on cam = 2304 x 1296


Video setting on cam = 2304 x 1296


Let's get right to it ! ( What I don't like )

It's a bit of a nasty one , the software that comes with the cam to playback Video / GPS data is nasty ( bad ) . With the cam set to Full HD @ 45FPS ( frames per second ) the software is flaky at best , slow , terrible playback , and crashes . With the cam set to record at 2304 x 1296 I can't use the included software at all , it just crashes constantly .

And without the ability to imbed the GPS data into the Video , it unfortunately makes the GPS function almost useless . The software needs serious development ( fixing ) if the GPS information is important to anyone .

Now you might think ( as I did ) that you just need to find some other software to play the video / GPS data , and you may be wrong . The only other software that comes close to working is Registrator , and even then it reports the wrong speed , almost double what your actually doing . ( Yeah , take that to court if you dare )

Just watch the first video to see :



What about the Cam itself ?

Seriously its good , I like so much about it . The Micro SD card is so easy to insert and remove that other cam manufacturers should take note of how it should be done ( Ausdom got this so right ) . I like the mount , again something Ausdom got right . The video footage is very nice and there does not seem to be any degradation when viewing video at the edge's . ( Thumbs up )

GPS speed seems to be good ( finding satellites ) , unfortunately you cant display the GPS information onto the video , and with the seriously bad software to view such . It unfortunately means that the GPS is almost a waste of time , why have it ? If you can't use it ?

Lets talk about the microphone for a second . My cam picks up audio real well . I had a conversation with my brother in the car with the windows open and music playing and it picked our voices very clearly . This cam probably picks up the best audio of any cam I have owned to date .


I really like the Ausdom A261 , unfortunately there are things that should be changed .

1)  Please allow GPS data to be displayed in the Video

2) Included software is awful .. ( Tried in XP and Win8 ) It needs serious development to fix issues ..

3) Other than those two points , this is a very nice cam . But for what it is ATM and what it offers , it is simply over priced and without a reliable way of getting to the GPS data ( speed especially ) , some what disappointing . I like 2304 x 1296 very much , I think it should be the default standard on all cams , unfortunately the factory supplied software crashes every time I try to play video at this resolution and Registrator reports the speed at almost double the actual speed . So do you run lower resolution ? or just buy another cam ? and not put up with such silliness .


For the Ausdom A261 to be a serious consideration for anyone's hard earned , you need to be able to access the GPS data reliably . It is a very nice Cam that is ( for me anyway ) let down by the software included to play back the video / GPS data .

How important is the GPS data to you ? , and does the price reflect what this cam has to offer ? ( That's for you to decide )

Update : 12 - November - 2015

 I contacted Ausdom about the software and they directed me to their website to download the latest media player ( GoogleGPSplayer2 ) . And to be honest its just as rubbish ( for me on my computer ) as the previous software .

I made a video just so you can see the software crash trying to play 2304 x 1296 . Is it the player , or the Cam ? ( something wrong with the video file generated by the cam ? )


Here is a video to show how far out the speed is reported in Registrator for the Ausdom Video footage :

G90 Footage on left and Ausdom footage on the right .




Update Friday the 13th Nov 2015 ..



 So in Registrator , open your video file , highlight the file as you would to play it , then export the track data , import the track data you just exported and then play . Registrator should now display the correct speed for the recorded GPS data .. 

Also in VLC media player you can see the GPS data by enabling subtitles , as well with PotPlayer . You learn something new every day !

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