Dash Cam's


C600 review and VS mini 0805

My C600 came today ( and yes there were probably better things to do with the money )
A few things to point out with the C600

Good = The audio or mic is very good in this sample

Bad = Video quality is very bad - camera looks to be out of focus everywhere except right in front of my car .
Video footage is very jerky ..
The camera mount where it attaches to the suction cup window mount is lose / sloppy / floppy , so much so that I was worried it might actually ( camera ) fall down .
Seller was some what fraudulent about the camera specifications .
So the short of it is Buyer Beware regarding the C600 , it is rather crap in my opinion .
Now the other thing , there is some video on Youtube that makes the C600 look good , but then there is the issue off , was the video taken with the C600 (?) or another camera (?) . Would I put it past some one to muddy the waters so to speak (?) .




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