Dash Cam's


   G90 VS Mini 0805


 photo Screen Shot 01_zpszx75fhn9.jpg

Ambarella A7LA70
170 degree ultra wide angle lens
Battery type: Built-in
Capacity : 90mAh lithium battery
Decode Format: H.264
Video Format: MOV
Lane detection


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Ambarella A7LA50
120 degree wide angle lens
Battery type: Built-in
Capacity : 320 mAh
Decode Format: H.264
Video Format: MOV
Lane detection


Both cameras are featured similarly , priced very close to each other .
Both cameras dont deal with flare / reflection very well .
The G90 GPS function is rather slow to fire up .
The G90 mount is a little flimsy and sometimes I notice some extra Vibration in the video
The G90 microphone is some what weak , so I leave it off
The Mini 0805 microphone is relatively ok , so I have left it on .
The Mini 0805 screen flickers a lot

I have two comparison video's , full frame HD and one side by side ( ok one on top the other ) .



 photo G90_zpsvbgqwomd.jpg


 photo Mini0805_zpsvanrehko.jpg

UPDATE ( 25-8-2015 )
I have had both cams for a while now :
0805 -
Wow the mic turned off on its own ?
The GPS is getting funky ( not working properly )

G90 -
That suction cup really bites , so many times now I have gone to the car and found the G90 dangling by the USB and GPS cables .. ( This is seriously bad ju ju )

So in hindsight , would I buy either = No , I would look else where ..
The G90 falling off the windshield constantly ( Very Bad )
The 0805 seeming to have issues , especially with the GPS 10 ( again very bad )
Honestly , you may wish to look elsewhere for a dashcam ..

Update 26-08-2015
Looks like the GPS has stopped working :

Update 27-08-2015
Replaced the USB cable - GPS is back to being flaky
Is it a USB cable issue
Is it a mount issue
Or is it a battery issue ( clock resets to 00.00 )
Im starting to lean toward the Mini 0805 being a regretful purchase

I used some Vaseline on the suction cup and the G90 has not fallen since ...

Update 15-9-2015

I have remounted the GPS receiver on a suction cup cam mount so that it will pick up GPS Signals better , so far it looks to work ..
I will have to check the footage and see if the GPS lag has improved .. ( improved by almost 2 seconds )
The time to pick up satellites has improved .
Im also testing a 64gig card in the G90 .. ( working well )



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